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Many have tried to debate that raki had no use in the series and was not the love interest.  I think I'll point out where this is erroneous.  while the series starts with parodying raki to clare and teresa, and continues it to the end, the interest between clare and raki seems to openly change in story, from cute boy admiring his hero to actually wanting something deeper with her.  now, don't get me wrong, this was done with the finesse of a bulldozer requiring the other characters, like helen, point it out.  but author intent is still there, and saying "ew, this wasn't the author intent" seems erroneous given light that helen and others even point this out.  even teresa says "raki stole clare's chastity".  now exactly how is someone supposed to take that phrasing platonicaly?  
there is also the point where the freedom from the blob seemed very much like a disney prince coming to liberate the princess trope. same idea of the maiden "requiring" the prince to save her and not having it as simply an option to her own escape.  this isn't to bash on clare's strength as she saves raki plenty, but simply to point out what happened. also, if raki is just a friend, why is clare so protective of him talking to people and why is raki the only one she took with her? she may not have kissed him, but it does seem the author wanted the idea that at the very least they were the closest of friends.  and why is it for the blob scene everyone insisted it was raki who had to break her out and no one else?

now as far as all those whining, "raki is useless and did nothing," i have to point out three story points.
one, in rabona it is raki who helps keep clare from awakening. not gauf, not cid. raki.  and miria and co are nowhere to be found to help clare at this critical point and clare is at the point of giving up.  if not for raki she would have given up. so point one for raki helping clare keep her humanity.

point two which ties in to the love interest.  raki frees clare from the blob.  raki.  when clare is surrounded by friends the only motive for releasing herself from the blob and letting go without killing herself is raki.  no one else. everyone else tried and they couldn't do it.  raki did it.

and point three.  while like the blob kind of done poorly, raki is still the one to help clare give priss the initial final blow before the whole teresa arc.  in a sense as teresa pointed, helped in beating the "real" priscilla when he stabbed her in the back of the neck thus making her hesitate long enough for clare to use the flash sword. no one else could because they couldn't go "invisible" to priss like raki could. and thus raki's third point of use is validated.

now all these points may be part of poor writing, but they are still there with the author's intent fairly well known. that people don't like raki, don't like his points in the story is one thing, but that he was useless and was not a love interest is another completely.  He had his uses and was a love interest, even if it was done with the capacity of a bull in a china shop, but it was still there. rushed, but there.  to say it was not the author's intent seems foolish and denying the story itself when the characters point it out themselves, especially for those who like to so eloquently rely on "canon."
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